Rules and Regulations

  • This contest is completely free to enter! There is no entry fee to compete.
  • The tournament will kick off at 12:01 Central (5 am GMT) on Sunday, April 7, 2013. (Date subject to change.) At that time, the competition server will do an initial capture of the TrueAchievement score for each participant.
Registering Your Team
  • First, every team must have FOUR (4) Gamertags. No more, no less. Once you have a team of four you can proceed to the signup link.
  • Each Gamertag must have either earned an achievement prior to January 1, 2012, or have registered for prior to August 1, 2012. You have to be this old to play.
  • Each Gamertag must have a minimum Gamerscore of 20,000 as of the last day of registration. Experienced gamers, please. To be fair to your teammates, don't sign up until you have 20,000 Gamerscore in case you don't make it. If you’re missing some Gamerscore, you still have a little bit of time to catch up!
  • All team members must apply by the deadline in order for a team to be considered for entry. No exceptions.
  • All team members must have an Xbox LIVE account and be registered on, as well as have internet access.
  • All teams must join the appropriate leaderboard on so that we can score you. It’s also so that we can send you important so we can contact you. If you don’t join, we can’t score you so we’re going to have to DQ you. Don’t be left out. All the cool kids are doing it!
  • Registration will close March 31, 2013. No exceptions!

The AHPM Leaderboard can be found HERE!

Possible Disqualifications From AHPM: (and not limited to)
  • If your Gamertag has been reset for cheating, you’re Gamertag non grata. Cheaters never prosper, and they don’t win our competition.
  • If your Gamertag has been removed from, you’re also Gamertag non grata. If you’ve messed up your TA privileges, then we can’t score you through TA, can we?
  • If your Gamertag has been modded, you don’t get to play.
  • If you’re on more than one team, we’re going to DQ every team you’re on. One team per player. You can play more than one hand at the blackjack tables in Vegas, but we’re not in Vegas, and this ain’t blackjack.
  • In addition to the above, the Contest Organizers reserve the right to refuse any entry for any reason.
  • Offline achievements WILL NOT count towards the competition. When unlocking achievements make sure to be online at all times!
The Penalty Box
  • Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. If we find evidence of cheating, your team may be DQed. The definition of cheating is like the definition of pornography: we'll know it when we see it. If you want a clearer definition, look at the Microsoft Terms of Service or the policies on If you think you're doing something that would be considered cheating, you probably are. Stop that.
  • If a participant attempts to cause a TrueAchievement scan to fail, disqualification is in order, based on a decision by the Contest Organizers. No making statuses private in order to hide achievements. Going offline for strategic reasons is possible, if that’s something you REALLY want to do. (Remember that offline achievements do NOT count.)
  • Leaving the contest leaderboard may be grounds for disqualification of the player. You must remain on the leaderboard in order to be scanned. Don’t know why you’d leave the leaderboard, but if we can’t scan you, we can’t rank you.
  • If Microsoft resets a Gamertag’s Gamerscore, if a Gamertag is branded as a 'cheater', if a Gamertag has their achievements removed from the TrueAchievement website or a Gamertag exhibits any evidence of modding, that participant will be disqualified. No soup for cheaters. Police your own team, or we’ll have to do it instead. No wascally wabbits.
  • Any disqualification will result in that team being ineligible for any prizes. That may be obvious to most, but it’s here just in case.
  • Once the competition has begun, no substitutions will be allowed for any reason. When you sign up, please make sure that your team is set at that time.
  • Decisions made by the Contest Organizers with regards to elimination and disqualification are final. An appeal may be issued and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Appealing will not be automatic, and very likely be dismissed. We will not disqualify teams lightly, but once we do, that’s it.
  • Anything that cannot be scanned by TrueAchievements will not be counted toward your team's score, such as unscannable games. If we can’t scan it, we can’t count it, can we?
  • Gamertags may not be changed during the competition without prior consent of the Contest Organizers. Changing a Gamertag during the duration of the competition without prior consent will likely result in the disqualification of the player. If we don’t know who you are, we can’t scan you. Please take this seriously.
  • The Contest Organizers reserve the right the refuse entry and/or remove a team from the competition at any time without notice. Such decisions will not be made lightly, but are final.
Tournament Structure
Phase One!
  • Every week on Sunday at 12:01 (Central time), we will scan your TA card for your score.
  • The weekly scoring will be based on the total TrueAchievement change for the team during that week.
  • The only factors for ranking will be TrueAchievement points. What that means for you is that if the TA server can’t scan a Gamertag for whatever reason, it’s possible that some points may not count for that week’s scoring. Make sure your tag is scanned early!
  • Based on each team’s weekly rank, that team will earn weekly competition points.
    • 1st - 10 points
    • 2nd-10th - 9 points
    • 11th-20th - 8 points
    • 21st-30th - 7 points
    • 31st-40th - 6 points
    • 41th-50th - 5 points
    • 51st-60th - 4 points
    • 61st-70th - 3 points
    • 71st-80th - 2 points
  • Note: In the event of a tie for at the score break, both teams will receive the points for placing in that section. This will probably never happen.
  • In addition, the team with the highest ratio for the week (minimum weekly team gain of 2000 gamerscore) will earn one (2) additional points for the week.
  • Scores and rankings will be posted as soon as data can be collated.
Phase Two! (Playoffs)
  • After the scan on Sunday morning, July 7th, 2013, all teams ranked within the top 50 will have their competition point total reset and be entered into the playoffs. The competition will continue with the same rules. In the event that there is a tie for the 50th place, the team that has earned the most TrueAchievement points throughout the entire competition will be declared the 50th team. In the event that teams are still tied, the team with the highest overall TrueAchievement ratio for the competition (as calculated on July 7th) will be declared the 50th team.
  • All other teams are still eligible to compete in a secondary tier (Consolation Bracket) and prizes will be awarded to the Consolation Bracket Winning Team.
  • Phase Two of the competition will begin on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.
  • Phase Two will happen with the same rules as Phase One WITH ONE EXCEPTION. The ratio bonus will drop from (2) points to (1) point!
  • The contest ends on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 11:59PM. Final rankings at that time will determine the winner.
  • In the event that there is a tie at the end of the competition, the team that has earned the most TrueAchievement points throughout the entire competition will be declared the winner. In the event that teams are still tied, the team with the highest TrueAchievement ratio (as defined by total Trueachievement score as of the final scanning divided by total Gamerscore) will be declared the winner. If that STILL doesn’t work, the tied teams will engage in a high stakes game of rock-paper-scissors. Bring your A-game.
  • In the event that or are unable to provide data for a given week, no scoring will occur. Scoring will commence on the first available Sunday after an outage, and all TrueAchievement points earned during that period will determine the rankings for that period. Points will be awarded as if only one week had passed. Outages will be determined by the Contest Organizers and, once deemed necessary, the decision will be final. Outages during either the final week of the first phase or second phase of the competition will cause the competition to extend until such time as such outage may be resolved.
  • All prizes will be furnished by the Contest Organizers via Amazon’s Affiliate Program. That being said, we’re certainly not going to refuse any donations that anyone may choose to make to the competition. In order to help fund the prizes please use the following links when you are purchasing items on Amazon. If you are in the US use this LINK. If you are in the UK use this LINK. The more money that is generated will help fund weekly and monthly prizes for the competition. If you would like to donate directly to the Achievement Hounds we have a PayPal account set up. If you want to donate to AHPM please include your gamertag in the notes so we can give you credit.
  • All prizes donated will be used for the sole purpose of awarding prizes to participants and/or teams in the competition.
  • Donation(s) to the competition are welcome, but are voluntary and not required for entry.
  • Donation(s) to the competition will not factor into any awarding of prizes or weekly scoring.
  • Any conditions on how donations will be awarded are encouraged, and the Contest Organizers will make attempts to award prizes based on the criteria of the donated prizes. If any individual would like to donate a product to be awarded for a particular victory condition, please specify the criteria.
  • Products should be in reasonable condition (for example, used games are acceptable, as long as they are playable).
  • Please speak with a Contest Organizer before donating a particular item.
  • The quality or condition of prizes offered by the community is not guaranteed by the Contest Organizers.
The following prizes will be awarded to each member of a team finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place: (All prizes are per person!) Phase 1 Winner
  • 1600 MSP ($20)
Phase 2, Main Tier Only
  • 1st prize: Two (2) Xbox 360 Games (Max value of: $119.98)
  • 2nd prize: Your Choice of Xbox 360 Accessory (Max value of: $59.99)
  • 3rd prize: 2000 MSP ($25)
Phase 2 Consolation Bracket Winner
  • 800 MSP ($10)
In the event that prizes are not available, other prizes of similar or lesser value may be substituted.
  • All prizes are valued at US Amazon prices
  • Prizes are subject to availability.
  • Prizes will be shipped as soon as possible after verification of winners.
  • Our goal is to give out as many prizes as possible to as many teams that are competing in the tournament. So to do that we will be utilizing our forums and our podcast to announce weekly and monthly challenges that will involve prizes. The more that is donated to our Paypal and bought via Amazon will allow us to give away bigger and better prizes!
Weekly & Monthly Prizes
  • These prizes will be announced on the Achievement Hounds Podcast available on iTunes and Zune Marketplace. The podcast feed for MP3 files is located HERE.
  • Roughly 24-48 hours after posting the podcast we will post the contest details on our forums.
  • Winners will be announced on the forums after the week is over, so look for it sometime Sunday morning (Central time).
  • Prizes must be claimed 48 hours after they are won. Each scoring period last from Sunday-Saturday. The prizes must be claimed by 4 pm central time on Tuesday. If the team does not claim their prize by emailing with the contest title (Week “X” Winner) the prize will roll over to the next week.
Ways to Discuss
  • If you want to join in on and great community and discuss AHPM feel free to join us on our podcast forums. There will be plenty to discuss over there and plenty other things to get involved in. So come join us!
  • Under no circumstances are participants or observers allowed to insult, belittle, intimidate or otherwise flame any other user. Such conduct may result in disqualification from the competition. We don’t like it, and neither should you.
  • Any content on the forums that is considered unsportsmanlike, which is defined to include, among other things, obscene, racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic or which endorses illegal activity will not be tolerated, and will likely result in a disqualification of that participant or the entire team. Such decisions will be will made under a strict no-tolerance policy, and will likely never be allowed to be appealed. The decision to disqualify a team under these conditions is final. We’re serious about this, folks.
  • Accusations of cheating in any public forum (including forums other than the competition forums) will be considered unsportsmanlike, and as such may result in the participant’s team being disqualified. Yeah, just because you do it someplace else doesn’t mean it’s cool there, either.
  • Xbox LIVE, Xbox and all other Xbox LIVE terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is not affiliated with the organization or operation of this competition.
  • This contest adheres to the Contest Guidelines to utilize TA's data feeds. This site, contest, and all prizes are not affiliated with No affiliation inferred. is copyrighted by Stonecold Software.
  • Score information is based on, and the Contest Organizers do not guarantee or make any warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of this information.
  • The Contest Organizers (us) reserve the right to substitute prizes of equivalent value. It’s not like we really want to... I mean we really don’t want to, but a year from now is a long time, and we have no idea what’s going to be available by then, so we have to put it in here, just to be fair.
  • This contest is subject to end without notice. Yeah, that would majorly suck and it’s also something that we’d only do if it was absolutely necessary, but our legal guy made us put it in here. Blame him.
  • All rules subject to change without notice. This competition falls under the jurisdiction of the laws of the United States of America, and is void where prohibited.
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This contest adheres to the Contest Guidelines to utilize TA's data feeds.
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